Gourry was sound asleep.

That was nothing new, Lina reflected as she sat by the fire and watched the flames. It was New Years, and she’d come up with a resolution. She’d tell him, once and for all. Tell him that she loved him, and get it over with.


            Zelgadis sat by the lake and stared at his reflection. New Years Eve. Time for a resolution. He’d been thinking long and hard about it lately, and his resolution was that he’d finally just accept his appearance and move on with his life.


            Lina walked quietly across the small field, over to the lake where her stony friend sat. “Nice night. New Years’ Eve.”

            He didn’t say anything, and she really hadn’t expected him to. So she let her words tumble on.

            “I made a resolution…. that I want to share with you…” She started awkwardly.

            “Miss Lina! Mister Zelgadis!!” Amelia’s eager voice broke across Lina’s train of thought.

            They both looked up and over to see the girl come running up to them at an amazing speed. Reaching down, Amelia grabbed Zelgadis’ hand and tugged at him. “Come on, Mister Zelgadis! I’ve found a possible lead to a cure!”

            Call it habit, call it instinct. He got up and began to follow her as she turned away, his hand still grasped by hers. Lina shook her head and followed too. She could tell him later. She had a whole year to do it, right?

            I promise, Mister Zelgadis, Amelia thought. We’ll find your cure. That’s my New Years’ Resolution.