Ambervale is quite literally where it all started in the Spellbound Universe.\n\nA small town in the crook of a mountain range in northwestern [[Ralteague]], it sheltered under the shadow of [[Rezo's Tower]]. Though it was a beautiful town, it led a tragic life that ended in destruction.\n\nClose to thirty years ago, it was in Ambervale that [[Zelgadis]] Greywords was born, right during the peak of a hideous plague. The residents of the town were saved by the intervention of [[Rezo]] the Red Priest, though that was perhaps an afterthought.\n\nSeventeen years after the plague, Ambervale suffered one of the worst fates imaginable, being attacked by a high-powered [[Mazoku]]. The entire city was razed by the rampant magic and left to ruin.\n\nAmbervale would never rise again, becoming a monument to the dangers of angering Mazoku, forever a burned-out shell of a place where hope and peace had once dared try to shelter under the arms of a Great Sage.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* Ambervale was destroyed by [[Zelgadis]] while he was under [[Shabranigdo]]'s control.\n* What [[Zelgadis]] left intact but burning, [[Jedah]] reduced to cold ruin, sending the survivors to a nearby town, furthering the rumors of [[Mazoku]] activity.
Amelia wil Tesla de Saillune, chipper and cheerful Warrior of Justice, second Princess of Saillune.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n
Bartender in Nightwisp's Tavern
Just as [[Cepheid]] has his Knight, so could [[Shabranigdo]]. There's only one problem with that... any [[Mazoku]] foolhardy enough to attempt to take the mantle would be privy to not only the infighting within the Mazoku, but they'd also have to deal with the likes of Lina and her group.\n\nThere is some speculation that the followers of Cepheid have contingency plans just for such occurrences... but it is only speculation and has no tangible proof... yet.
Cassandra was a middle ranked Mazoku who thought that if she could manipulate a Mazoku of power to take the willing step to become [[Avatar of Shabranigdo]] that she could eliminate them in the aftermath and take the title herself.\n\nShe captured [[Zelgadis]] and set her accomplice, a human turned Mazoku of slightly lesser power named [[Kessary]] to infiltrate the group that had come to rescue him. The moment Kessary encountered [[Xellos]] and [[Jedah]] however, the game was up. \n\nCassandra had to speed up her plans to break Zelgadis fully back to his [[Mazoku Aspect]] by placing herself in the hallucination and interacting. \n\nThis plan backfired as the Mazoku Aspect within Zelgadis had other plans and took it upon himself to break, forcing Cassandra to abandon her own plan to claim the Black King (as she called Zelgadis.)\n\nCassandra met her fate at the hands of Jedah, and as he himself stated later, he was too kind.
Cepheid, Dragon King of the World of Slayers. Also known as the Flare Dragon, though 'Dragon' seems a rather loose title.\n\nCepheid was successful in weakening his [[Mazoku]] counterpart Ruby-Eye [[Shabranigdo]] by cutting the him into seven pieces. Cepheid sacrificed himself in the process, splitting his power in to four fragments to maintain the balance of the world and continue the fight in different ways: \n* Aqualord Ragradia\n* Flarelord Valbazard\n* Earthlord Rangort\n* Airlord Valwyn\n\nA fragment of his will is lodged in [[Luna]] Inverse, and she is known as the Cepheid Knight.
To the left is a list of characters that play roles within the story.
A long time ago, in a copse of trees near [[Ambervale]], a youth by the name of [[Zelgadis]] sought power.\n\nHe got it, though not in the form he thought he might.\n\nChanged into a Chimera, Zelgadis found that he had power indeed, but the powers came from his Three Aspects:\n\n* [[Human Aspect]]\n* [[Golem Aspect]]\n* [[Mazoku Aspect]]
The sequel to [[Heart of Darkness]], and the fourth story in the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Universe.\n\nLina and company set forth to discover the truth behind the Heart, and to try to find Zelgadis before his soul is irrevocably lost. For if he becomes the Avatar of Shabranigdo, Lina will have no choice but to destroy the man she loves.\n\n\n
The oft-tired and over-worked creative writer of the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Universe.\n\nShe goes by many names, including Cliffhanger Queen and She Who Makes Proofers Implode.
This takes place between [[Perchance to Dream]] and [[Heart of Darkness]]
If you don't know what it is yet, shame on you!\n\n
The Golem Aspect is the stone body that [[Zelgadis]] has known for most of his life. It's what he relies on to get him through the day, to protect him from swords, trees, spells, and anything else that fate has the audacity to throw at him.\n\nIt's also the silently brooding and dark self that has been known to show himself when the going doesn't go quite right.
Gourry Gabriev, superlative swordsman who often lacks in the brain department when he's holding his sword... which is most of the time.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* He's half-elf, the son of Rouddy and Meliroon\n* The Sword of Light is once again in his care\n* Married [[Sylphiel]] nels Rada
The sequel to [[Perchance to Dream]], and the third story in the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Universe.\n\nLina and Zelgadis discover a cavern of ruins that tells of a demi-human race that lived long ago.\nBut when they least expect it, something goes horribly wrong... and even Zelgadis' new abilities may not protect them.\nIt's up to Lina and the rest of the crew to discover the ultimate truth... and what lies within the Heart of Darkness. \n\n
Humans are mortal, well... mostly. There are a few who touch the edge of immortality, those who deal in the Nightmare Arts and Black Magic. They generallt live their little lives close to home, the vast majority of them never going farther than the next town over.\n\nIt's a rare few who wander the world the way that our intrepid little group of travelers do... and an even rarer few whose names are so well known.
The Human Aspect of [[Zelgadis]] is the most subtle of aspects. He's the lanky youth that likes to climb trees, that studies and yearns to learn more.\n\nHe's also the serious aspect, his thinking and rational Self who longed for a cure and along the way began to fall in love with [[Lina]].
Jedah. Mysterious little brother of [[Zelgadis]]... though not so little, and not so brother.\n\nIn truth, Jedah is a [[Mazoku]] Lord, the half-brother of [[Rezo]] the Red Priest, son of [[Juuou]]. It's not certain how the relationship went, but it is known that his father [[Terim]] gave Jedah a heart... which Jedah routinely curses.\n\nHe was not born into his current role in the Mazoku Heirarchy, but stepped into the role when the need arose. He has a healthy respect and admiration for [[Lina]] and he knows that she could probably destroy him if she really wanted to.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* His full name is Jedah Greywords Metallium.\n* His title is Hellmaster Jedaikun.\n* His age is unknown.\n* At one point in time, he seduced a Cepheid Priest by the name of Xelander, who became the Mazoku [[Xellos]].\n* He is Zelgadis' Great Uncle, though it might be unsafe to refer to him as such.\n* When he was still a 'child', he honored his father's request to kill him, and by that, gained his father's heart.\n* He finds [[Amelia]] fascinating, and wavers wildly from awe to admiration. One might hesitate to think he's in love with her... lending to a bit of jealousy issues.\n\n** Author's note: Jedah was a character I borrowed from the wonderful Theria. After a few chapters, however, Jedah took his own initiative and has become quite a handful.
Juuou, Greater Beast, Beastmaster, Zelas Metallium. She has more names than she herself cares to consider, and answers to them all.\n\nShe lives to the south, on Wolf Pack Island, the southern tip of the former mazoku barrier.\n\nShe also happens to be [[Jedah]]'s mother...
Kessary was the human turned [[Mazoku]] assistant of [[Cassandra]]. She was sent to infiltrate the group of rescuers before they could reach Zelgadis, but the presence of [[Xellos]] and [[Jedah]] rather ruined that for her.\n\nShe attempted to goad [[Lina]] into taking a [[Mazoku pact]], but Lina's well-phrased answer was a Laguna Blade to the face... while [[Jedah]] stood in the shadows and ensured that Kessary couldn't escape.
One of the Five Great Sages, it was he who created devasting spells such as [[Lina]]'s infamous Dragon Slave and the powerful fire shamanistic spell Blast Bomb. \n\nUnfortunately for the world, he carried one of the seven pieces of [[Shabranigdo]], and attempted to lead the [[Mazoku]] against the [[Ryuzoku]], only to be defeated by Aqualord Ragradia.\n\nFactoids as apply to the Spellbound universe:\n* Lei Magnus' father was [[Terim]], so he is [[Rezo]]'s half-brother, which also makes him [[Jedah]]'s half-brother as well.
Lina Inverse, sorceress extrordinaire. To attempt to sum her up is to invite a series of fireballs, Dragon Slaves, and half a dozen other spells fired off in your direction.\n\nShe's a feisty, petite redhead with an insatiable appetite for food and gold. This often gets her in trouble, and she tries to worm her way out of it on a regular basis.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n* At the end of Slayers [[True]], [[Zelgadis]] proposed to her, but she fled, fearing the love he claimed was caused by the spell that had linked them. \n* Between [[Perchance to Dream]] and [[Heart of Darkness]], she finally married Zelgadis.\n* The Giga Slave is not sealed, but she hasn't shown indications of casting it.\n* Her Shamanic Astral magic has increased, and she's now capable of crafting her own spells of that nature.
Location, location, location.\nTo the left is a list of important locations in the World.
The Lord of Nightmares is the end-all, be-all, Most High Powerful in the Slayers Universe.\n\nThe Mazoku call her "the Mother of us All"\n\nThe Claire Bible calls her the Lord of Dreams that Terrify; She Who Floats Like Gold upon the Sea of Chaos; the Golden Lord of Nightmares.\n\nShe doesn't play a role (so far) in the Spellbound Universe, but she is a rather capricious character and may yet make an appearance.\n\nSpells that call directly upon the Lord of Nightmares:\n* Laguna Blade\n* Giga Slave
Takes place directly before [[Heart of Darkness]].
[[Lina]]'s older sister, the Knight of Cepheid.\n\nShe works as a waitress where she chooses to be at any given moment. Lina's scared stiff of her, and with good reason: Luna taught Lina to be strong... but not with a light handed approach.\n\nLuna's mostly background in the Spellbound Universe, but she's made a cameo appearance of sorts.
The Mazoku are a race of beings that many equate with being Demons. Sadly, such misconceptions leave a lot of the population of the World mistaken.\n\nSure, a lower Mazoku can wreak absolute havoc on the World, but a higher Mazoku such as [[Xellos]] or [[Jedah]] would be quick to point out that [[Human]]s can deal as much damage, if not more. Perhaps it's a function of intelligence.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* They have no religion, no prophecies.\n* They cannot see the future.\n* They are simply another race that lives on the World, though a race with more powers than humans.\n* They can, and do, love... though frequently it is too fierce for a human to experience.
The Mazoku Aspect of [[Zelgadis]] is the fire, the passion, all the things that Zelgadis' [[Human Aspect]] and [[Golem Aspect]] aren't, and therefore can't understand.\n\nIn truth, the passion and emotion is shared equally by the three, though it is attributed to the Mazoku part of himself.\n\nWhen merged with his other Aspects, he has a full range of abilities that are tempered by the others. But when broken, Zelgadis can be quite the formidable foe with power equal to or possibly greater than [[Hellmaster]]... and none of the reservations against using it.
Gracia ul Naga de Saillune, Naga the Serpent, whatever you call her, she's [[Amelia]]'s older sister, once the companion of [[Lina]] Inverse way back when.\n\nShe's back, somewhat subdued, and often times finds herself the rational voice of the group, much to her own surprise.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* Left Lina's companionship after Lina first tested the Giga Slave.\n* Doesn't want the throne in any way, shape, or form.
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The sequel to [[True]], and second story in the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Universe. \n\nLina fears that her affiliation with Nightmare magics will get in the way of her happiness, and convinces herself that the only reason Zelgadis loves her is that spell of Rezo's. So she vanishes for three years. When she returns to Saillune, she discovers that while she's been away, all has fallen apart, and one who was a friend is now closer to an enemy...\n\n
Crown Prince of [[Saillune]], father of [[Naga]] and [[Amelia]].\n\nHe's mentioned in the story, but other than that, he's a background character.
A Soveriegn Nation to the West of Saillune, the capital is Ralteague.\n\nNot much is known about the land, beyond that the northern tip was home to [[Ambervale]] and [[Rezo's Tower]].
Rezo the Red Priest, one of the Five Great Sages.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* Half-brother to [[Jedah]] Metallium Greywords\n* Lacking a heart, according to [[Jedah]], which might explain a few things.\n* Responsible for casting the spell that caught [[Lina]] and [[Zelgadis]] in its trap in Slayers True.
The tower that [[Rezo]] the Red Priest claimed as his own.\n\nLocated slightly north of the town of [[Ambervale]], it loomed over the small village. Some said it was at least a hundred years old, but no-one was truly sure when it was built. Rumor would have had it spring up one night looking as old as it did, if one paid any attention to rumors.\n\nWhat is known is that it was reduced to near-rubble when Rezo summoned [[Shabranigdo]] forth from his own eyes, and [[Lina]] cast the Giga Slave to defeat him.\n\nLately, however, it has been said that a lone figure cloaked in black makes the old ruins its residence, a renewed miasma of evil filling the old stones with new shadows. Most travelers will go out of their way to avoid the area completely now.
See [[Shabranigdo]].
The Ryuzoku are best known as the higher Dragons, for they quickly disavowed the lower Dragons such as Brass Dragons, Dimos Dragons, and various other dragons that wander the World and cause various problems for the Humans.\n\nIn the game of choosing sides, the Ryuzoku chose the side of [[Cepheid]], placing themselves opposite of those they so closely resemble, the [[Mazoku]].\n\n
White Capital of the Kingdom of Saillune.\n\nThe entire city is laid out as one large White Magic circle, which diminshes the power of Mazoku and boosts the power of the Clerics.\n\nHowever, this doesn't stop several Mazoku from doing what they want to...
Lord Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo is the superior of all [[Mazoku]], counterpoint to Flare Dragon [[Cepheid]]. Defeated nearly 5000 years ago, Shabranigdo was split into seven parts and scattered across the world, buried in human souls.\n\nIt was Ceiphied's plan to wear away at these fragments by the constant death and rebirth of human lives, until Shabranigdo ceased to be. \n\nA thousand years ago, one of these parts awakened in the legendary sorceror [[Lei Magnus]], the Demon King of the North, who was defeated by Aqualord Ragradia.\n\nThe remaining four subordinates of Shabranigdo created a barrier that sealed away the divine powers from the continent, though that barrier was shattered at the end of Slayers Next. \n\nThese servants were: \n* Dynast Grausherra\n* Deep Sea Dolphin\n* Greater Beast [[Juuou]]\n* Hellmaster Phibrizo
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Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.
Slayers Spellbound Omnibus
Came into being after a chapter in another Slayers story was written. Originally started as a 'what-if' that grew into something uncontrollable.\n\nThis set of stories started early on in the fansubs of Try, and as a result has some 'discrepancies'.\n\nIt is not a canon storyline, being that it is decidedly Lina/Zelgadis, and has a few other tweaks here and there that aren't accurate.\n\nSome things, however, are closer to canon than one might think...\n\nIt is comprised of the following stories:\n* [[True]]\n* [[Perchance to Dream]]\n* [[Heart of Darkness]]\n* [[Darkest Before Dawn]]\nAnd the following Songfics:\n* [[Fire on the Water]]\n* [[Love Song]]
Sore wa himitsu desu.\n\n(Did you think it would really work? Tch.)
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Sylphiel Gabriev, once Sylphiel nels Rada of Sairaag, though now quietly in the employ of [[Amelia]].\n\nShe's a fairly powerful Cleric, paradoxically capable of casting the Dragon Slave... nearly as powerfully as [[Lina]]'s boosted version.\n\nMany times, she's shown herself to be as solid as steel under her sweet and gentle exterior. She's not nearly as innocent as she looks, and she's probably capable of more than she's revealed thus far.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* Married [[Gourry]] Gabriev
Terim Greywords was a man who should have stayed such.\n\nIn his life as a human, he was never satisfied, and he sought after more and more power. He is perhaps the first true human to discover that one could become a [[Mazoku]] without making the Pact, though it is a difficult and often self-destructive choice.\n\nUpon initial rebirth as something less than full Mazoku and yet more than Human, Terim encountered the Greater Beast, [[Juuou]] herself. Being bored and having nothing better to do at the time, she kept Terim as a lover... though it was arguably more akin to a mate/pet/plaything. Much to the surprise of both, a child resulted of the union: [[Jedah]].\n\nWith something new to distract her, Juuou sent Terim away from her, and he wandered the world until he came to the Kingdom of [[Ralteague]], where he met a young lady and attempted to have a more... human life. The child of their union, [[Rezo]] was born blind, and Terim left in disgrace.\n\nHe wandered the world as Mazoku once more, taking lives and lovers where he chose, and of a Cleric was born the child who would be named [[Lei Magnus]].\n\nTerim, seeing that both Rezo and Lei were cursed to bear fragments of [[Shabranigdo]], returned to [[Juuou]]'s home (Wolf Pack Island) in the quiet of one night to encounter a rather young [[Jedah]]. Seeing that Jedah was untouched by Shabranigdo, he confessed that he was Jedah's father, and begged the youth take his heart and kill him.\n\nBeing the perfect Mazoku child, Jedah willingly complied... though the consequences of this action were that Jedah was granted the honor (misfortune) of having a heart... and all the emotions that came along with it.
When [[Zelgadis]] was captured by the [[Mazoku]] [[Cassandra]], she sought his power so that she might force him to become the [[Avatar of Shabranigdo]]. Her plans were to then destroy him before he could take full control and therefore elevate herself to the coveted position.\n\nZelgadis, however, proved to have plans of his own.\n\nThe Heart, or Heart of Darkness as [[Xellos]] dubbed it, was formed when Zelgadis broke himself, a subconsious effort to prevent Cassandra from winning his powers and becoming something that should remain a myth. It had several drawbacks, however, for the creation of the Heart resulted in the very unstable [[Mazoku Aspect]] breaking free and taking command of Zelgadis.\n\nEverything that is Golem and most of the Human is sealed within the Heart, but the stone is protected by a very powerful spell, a spell of Zelgadis' own crafting that prevents any Astral use of the stone.
TiddlyWiki lives at
The first story in the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Universe.\n\nSlayers True:\n\nZelgadis falls prey to a spell that Rezo the Red Priest had cast upon him years ago. Now, it's up to Lina and the others to help him figure out how to overcome this latest problem. But somehow Lina becomes a little more involved with the spell than she had intended... and the more she learns about her stony companion, the more she realizes that she's falling in love. Funny moments, heart-wrenching realizations, and enough food for an army all combine as Lina and her friends learn that it's best to be true to yourself.\n\n
If you're reading this, then you want to know if there are 'tricks' to the Omnibus.\n\nWell... yes.\nAnd no.\n\nWhat you see is largely what you get. It's not a true wiki, but it will do. It's a TiddlyWiki, and you can get one too. :)\n\n* You can enable the animations or disable them under Options, Enable Animations\n* There's an option that lets you look at the tiddlers like a wiki one at a time. All you have to do is go to Options and then Advanced Options and select 'Display one tiddler at a time.' Close the tiddler, and you're set!\n* Conversely, if you want to see the tiddlers all on one page with the most recent tiddler on top, go to Options and then Advanced Options. Select 'Always open tiddlers at the top of the page' and close the tiddler, then you're done!
Welcome to the [[Slayers Spellbound]] Omnibus.\n\nWARNING: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!\n\nDon't read them if you don't want to know things, okay? Otherwise, people will get whiny, and when people whine, Lina usually starts lobbing fireballs... or worse.\n\nWhat, did you think the word SPOILERS would be a tiddler?\nOh, please. Like I'd make a tiddler out of the word [[Spoilers]] so that you could find them all at the click of a mouse.\n\nThis page, like most all of my other pages, is optimized for [[Firefox]].\n\n[[Using the Omnibus]] will give you a few tips and tricks.\n* This Omnibus expects that you have a passing familiarity with Slayers and the characters within. If you don't, is a good reference for starters.
A youth of exuberance and fanciful nature, Xelander hailed from the southern lands, likely somewhere in the southern area now known as the [[Alliance of Coastal States]]. He wasn’t a strapping lad by any imagination, more likely to be seen drawing a landscape than drawing a sword, much to his father’s irritation. When he turned fifteen, he’d tried to take on with a traveling theater group, but his father caught him and dragged him back home, threatening the youth with the Seminary if he didn’t ‘shape up’ and stop dreaming.\n\nRather than face the disgust of his father on a daily basis, Xelander left the house the next morning, all earthly possessions remaining behind, for he would have no use for them among the Priests of [[Cepheid]]. He became a low-ranking Cepheid Priest who knew he wouldn’t be very good at it.\n\nTwo years on, a young man visited the town near the temple where Xelander was in service. His name was [[Jedah]], and he spun tales of the world with a light that Xelander couldn’t resist. They became friends, and after an awkward encounter, lovers.\n\nWhen Jedah revealed his nature, Xelander was shocked, but it didn’t take him long to make his choice.\n\nAfter the Ritual and Presentation, Xelander took a new name: [[Xellos]].\n\nShortly after, the Koma War began.\n\n
Xellos Metallium, the Trickster Priest, General Priest of [[Juuou]] and all-around purple pain in the posterior.\n\nOnce upon a memory, Xellos wasn't a [[Mazoku]]. In fact, he was a rather low-raking [[Cepheid]] Priest by the name of [[Xelander]]. He had the misfortune (fortune?) of attracting the attentions of a young man who happened to be [[Jedah]], and the rest, as they say, is a long and involved history.\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n\n* Xellos takes orders from [[Jedah]]... when it suits him.\n* He harbors a grudge against [[Jedah]] for leaving him his heart intact.\n* Due to his heart being intact, he has a bit of a thing for [[Lina]]. And [[Jedah]].\n* Physical human appearance is seventeen, the age at which he became Mazoku.\n* Retains memories of his life as Xelander, and when he attempts to pass himself off as a human, often refers to himself as Xel.
Zelgadis Greywords, heartless mystical swordsman. Well, maybe not so heartless, but he does try not to let it show.\n\nHe's... well, he isn't sure what he is, other than that he used to be a [[Chimera]], cursed by Rezo under the control of Shabranigdo.\n\nHe is a [[Mazoku]] of no small rank, quite possibly surpassing that of [[Jedah]]. If he chose, he could step into the role of [[Chaos Dragon]] that [[Gaav]]'s death at the hands of [[Hellmaster]] [[Phibrizo]] opened, or he could become the [[Avatar of Shabranigdo]]... though most believe that to be a mythical position.\n\nAt the end of [[Heart of Darkness]], his sanity was very much in doubt, as Zelgadis was quite convinced that he was a Mazoku, but bound by Mortal views. In truth, his heart has been broken into two, part remaining within himself, and the other becoming a beautiful but dangerous gemstone known as the [[The Heart]].\n\nFactoids as applicable to the Spellbound Universe:\n* Born in a small town called [[Ambervale]] during a plague which killed his parents.\n* Rescued by [[Rezo]] the Red Priest and taken to live in [[Rezo's Tower]] until he was seventeen.\n* Changed into a [[Chimera]] at the age of fifteen.\n* Under [[Rezo]]/[[Shabranigdo]]'s control, he destroyed [[Ambervale]] at the age of seventeen.\n* In the immediate aftermath of events that brought the destruction of [[Ambervale]], Zelgadis' aspects were forcibly shattered by [[Jedah]] in an effort to subdue the influence of [[Shabranigdo]] until such time as [[Rezo]] could be defeated.\n* The destruction of Ambervale preceeded Zelgadis' attempt to drown himself as illustrated in the beginning of [[True]], just prior to the events of Slayers.\n\n** Author's note: At the time I started writing this series, it wasn't widely known that Zelgadis was 1/3 Blue/Brow Demon, and not 1/3 Mazoku. Being that the story arc is contingent upon the [[Mazoku Aspect]], I have continued to use this as his 'genetic' makeup.