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Slayers Fanfiction

The Chaos Universe

A series that takes place after Slayers Try and follows that which is known about the Slayers World. Canon

The Ancient Temple of Kuroryu - Lina and Company are hungry and broke. As such, they take a job in a small town: find the missing princess. Little do they know what adventures lay before them! Old friends return and new ones are made, old enemies make new attempts, and new allies come to light in this adventure that takes place after Slayers Try!

Tides of Chaos - The Sequel to Kuroryu. Lina's the Chaos Knight! But even though Kira assures her that she isn't becoming a Mazoku, Lina is plagued with nightmares of the resurrection of Shabranigdo by her own hand.

Chaos Ascendant - The Sequel to Tides of Chaos and final in the Chaos Trilogy. As the balance falters once again, Lina is called upon to make the ultimate choice. When her nightmares become frighteningly close to reality, there will be only one way to turn...

Meeting - A (Short) Side Story - At last, the story of how Lalli met Xellos!

To Become Chaos... - Another short side story. Part of the History of Kira Inverse sequence.

Child of Chaos - Part of the History of Kira Inverse sequence. Pertains to Tides of Chaos chapter 3.

The Spellbound Universe

A series that takes place after Slayers Try, but has a serious Zelgadis/Lina slant. Not Canon.

Spellbound - Zelgadis falls prey to a spell that Rezo the Red Priest had cast upon him years ago. Now, it's up to Lina and the others to help him figure out how to overcome this latest problem. But somehow Lina becomes a little more involved with the spell than she had intended... and the more she learns about her stony companion, the more she realizes that she's falling in love. Funny moments, heart-wrenching realizations, and enough food for an army all combine as Lina and her friends learn that it's best to be true to yourself.

Perchance to Dream - The sequel to Spellbound. Lina fears that her affiliation with Nightmare magics will get in the way of her happiness, and convinces herself that the only reason Zelgadis loves her is that spell of Rezo's. So she vanishes for three years. When she returns to Saillune, she discovers that while she's been away, all has fallen apart, and one who was a friend is now closer to an enemy...

Heart of Darkness - The sequel to Perchance to Dream. Lina and Zelgadis discover a cavern of ruins that tells of a demi-human race that lived long ago. But when they least expect it, something goes horribly wrong... and even Zelgadis' new abilities may not protect them. It's up to Lina and the rest of the crew to discover the ultimate truth... and what lies within the Heart of Darkness.

Darkest Before Dawn - The sequel to Heart of Darkness. Lina and company set forth to discover the truth behind the Heart, and to try to find Zelgadis before his soul is irrevocably lost. For if he becomes the Avatar of Shabranigdo, Lina will have no choice but to destroy the man she loves.

Rising Sun - The sequel to Darkest Before Dawn. Two years after the restoration of Zelgadis, and not all is well within the City of Saillune. The trials of the spellbound hearts continue and some must come to terms with the duality of those hearts before they lose everything and everyone that they dare hold dear.

Fire on the Water - Yes,it's a Songfic. But it belongs in this Universe... takes place between Perchance to Dream and Heart of Darkness.

Love Song - Yes, it's another Songfic. Takes place directly before Heart of Darkness.

Spellbound Omnibus - WARNING! The Spellbound Omnibus is a database of people and places in the Spellbound Universe. As such, it contains SPOILERS. Don't read it if you don't want to know things. Otherwise, people will get whiny, and when people whine, Lina usually starts lobbing fireballs... or worse.

The Forgiven Universe

A series of shortfics. Poor Zelgadis. Canon.

Forgive Me - Rezo's last words.

Discovery - Zelgadis finds the journal...

Forgiven - Zelgadis asks Amelia... Final in the trilogy.


Continuing stories that are not in the above Universes.

Pilgrimage - Every year, a remembrance is made. But of who?

Lost and Found - In a town far away, someone has been found. But she's still lost...

Dark Legacy - Legacy: A birthright to be claimed... But what if that legacy was best left unclaimed?


Melodies of Lina - It's been fifteen years since the defeat of DarkStar, and Lina is alone.

Zelgadis - I just want you to know who I am.

Midnight Blue - At the end of the journey, what will there be?

Don't Speak - Zelgadis departs. Amelia reacts. Lina knows why.

Still Waiting - Someone waits for someone else. She's been waiting for him for twenty years...

True Colors - So don't be afraid...

I Know Him So Well - Amelia reflects.

Love Will Grow - Love grows on you.

Lady in Red - Xellos doesn't normally haunt dances. But tonight isn't exactly normal...

Reflections - A Sorceress and a River.

The Stand-Alones

These are stories that do not fit in any of the above Universes, and may or may not be canon.

Showdown! - Short, to the point. The truth finally comes out, and Lina finds herself facing down Xellos.

The Gift - A Christmas Fanfic.

Night Before Christmas - A Parody off of the Christmas Classic. Beware of flaming bandits.

Koiji - Love's Pathway - Sore wa himitsu desu...

Resolutions - Everyone has a New Years Resolution... except Gourry. He just sleeps through it.

Masayume - The Dream That Comes True - Because ASI and Elizabeth both cried over Zelgadis.

Blind Man's Bluff - A Game of Blind Man's Bluff! Insanely short fic. Leaves everything to your imagination!

Genesis - Every story has a beginning...

Princess' Pain - A haiku in which a question asked gets an answer.